Does a Business Coach tell me what to do?

No, we assume that you are an expert in your Business.

As your Business Coach we will ask you questions, which in many cases, can be the ones that you have been avoiding!

It is often through the process of questioning and our joint discussion that ideas are generated and you will decide what really needs to be done to improve the situation.

This then creates your set of actions. When we have specific insights or knowledge to share that will help you (or speed up the process) we will always share them with you.

Are there any guarantees with a Business Coach?

Unfortunately the honest answer is No. Here’s why…

Our program is designed to make YOU more successful and at the end of the day, only you can guarantee that you will do what it takes to make that happen.

If we presented you with the best Tennis Coach in the world to work with, but you never practised tennis between the coaching sessions, you are unlikely to become a world-class tennis player. It is the same with Business Coaching… if you don’t complete the actions you commit to take, you won’t see the same levels of success.

If we don’t meet your expectations you are free to stop working with us at any time…to date none of our clients have ever stopped a Business Coaching programme for this reason!

What is the Business Coach ?

Simply put, coaching is about growing the person, the business owner, from the inside out. Coaching helps you to determine goals that match your highest potential, create a realistic plan to achieve those goals, discover how you self-sabotage your business, and be accountable for achieving goals within a planned time frame. While your coach might offer you insight and advice, the primary purpose of coaching is to empower YOU to learn how to create the business of your dreams.

How do I know if I need a Business Coach?

You need a coach if you want help:


  • Organising your thoughts
  • Creating a practical and effective plan
  • Prioritise goals and tasks
  • Being more accountable for following through on tasks
  • Maintaining high motivation even in the face of difficulties
  • Understanding how you sabotage your efforts (and figuring out what to do about this self-sabotage)

I don’t have time to come to Business Coaching sessions, can we just do a quick one off?

If you don’t have 4 hours a month to come to coaching sessions, we need to talk right away about why this is.

I worked with another business coach and he used to come to me for a whole day every month. Do you do this too?No. I know that’s the way some business coaches work, but I don’t see the point of taking up your time for a whole day, and I’d have to charge you a lot more money.

Will you sort out my marriage/divorce/cat/money issues?

I can definitely help with all of those areas, but only by helping you to get your business into shape so you have more money to afford a good lawyer, vet, or financial coach.

How much time do I get?

I wouldn’t look at it in terms of time – it’s not like a session at the spa where you want to spend as much time as possible in the hot tub for your money. Business coaching is all about achieving results for your company, and we want to do that as efficiently as possible. You’ll get 2 sessions a month with me, each one up to 2 hours, and you can email me as much as you like in between sessions.