Neal Toner

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I have been around the block several times. I have created many problems but I have
also created a model that has built multiple high 6 figure barbershops.

Saying that , Since 17-11-11 when my 1st son was born my mission has been to create something bigger than myself, in order to do that I must serve others.

I spent 3 years travelling around Europe educating at the weekends for some of the biggest organisations on some of the biggest stages, hosting to over 20,000 people.

On my journey I have come to notice 1 thing, as unique as the 20,000+ people were, their problems remained the same.

Over the next 12 months I am investing my time to contribute my knowledge and 11 years worth of searching for the answer, to build a new level of knowledge, understanding and secure the future of the hair industry.


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